Hahnemuhle Museum Etching B&W setup and evaluation- A long one

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Since going through this process throws light on several issues, some perhaps peripheral, but important, I decided to post the process. Everything from why it was required, through execution and completion may be applicable to others in a variety of … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Bones by A.D. Coleman

The End (and Ends) of Photo Criticism

We are happy to be able to share this recent essay by the American photo critic  A.D. Coleman. This is the complete text of a lecture delivered on November 8, 2011 at Hotshoe Gallery, London, co-sponsored by Hotshoe International, Viewfinder Photography … Continue reading

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In Defense Of the Precious Object

Four Japanese Photographers and What They Don't Have In Common With Cindy Sherman. A Recent Spring Photo-Viewing Trip To New York.

Before I start in talking about subtle, often modest scale Japanese photography and the legacy of photographic prints as intimate, introspective, and highly crafted objects, I think I need to point out that there are of course infinite ways to … Continue reading

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The thing about nozzles…

And the lack of them . . .

I realize this hardly rises to the level of issues we love to talk about here , but I run into this so often it’s worth noting in the hope it saves even one person some inkjet grief. I run into … Continue reading

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The State of the State of the Arts in Black & White

An opinion by Jon Cone based upon the article of the same name published in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of View Camera Magazine.

In 2002, Epson introduced their first improvement to black & white printing when they added a light black ink in the then new Epson 2200 desktop printer. It would take Epson nearly five more years before they would deliver two … Continue reading

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